MAKÚ Project






You have arrived exactly where you should be.

Casa Makú is the premiere destination for your experiential desires. It is a truly pristine environment for wellness of the body, mind and soul. Tucked quietly where the great Andes Mountains meet the green Colombian jungle, Makú is situated perfectly at the intersection of all of Colombia’s best. In culture, cuisine, wildlife, and scenery, Makú is your gateway to Colombia’s extraordinary treasures found nowhere else in the world.

The friendly and welcoming culture of Colombia with its rich cuisine, music, indigenous arts and crafts will spellbind you for an unforgettable journey. All the while Maku will keep you in total comfort with a touch of luxury, service and class above the rest. Makú nourishes it’s guests with an innovative Criollo menu blending the finest local ingredients from Colombian chefs in a setting designed to evoke the senses.