MAKÚ Project
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7 Days

  • Healing

  • Yoga

  • Meditatio

Villavicencio - colombia 2019

November 15

November 23

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How to get to Makú Project:

Flight from any airport in New York to Bogota - Colombia

Or from anywhere around the world. Main Airlines:

* Jetblue (with one stop)

* Avianca

*American Airlines

* Spirit Airlines



From Bogota el Dorado Airport to Makú Project:

A Van organized by Makú project will drive for 3 hours from Bogota to Los Llanos - Villavicencio, which is situated to the east of the Andes mountains. Villavicencio is also called "La Puerta al Llano" - "The Gateway to the Plains", or “La Tierra prometida”- “The promised land” due to its location on the historical path from the Colombian interior to the vast savannas that lie between the Andes range and the Amazon rainforest.

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.




The Mastery and Mystery of Makú wellness retreat and destination training, a journey that will transforms your mind, body and soul by combining natural settings infused with culture and an unexplored cowboy land. Makú Project is the premiere destination for your experiential desires, it is a truly pristine environment for wellness of the body, mind and soul, situated in a village, tucked where the great Andes Mountains meet the green Colombian jungle. The friendly and welcoming culture of Colombian cowboys, rich cuisine, music, indigenous groups will spellbind you for an unforgettable journey.



We offer four different cabin styles each cabin with bathroom:

  • One Cabin for instructors with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dinning room and small kitchen (Good for one person per room or 2 people per room).

  • One King bed room cabin ( Good for a couple or 2 friends).

  • Three Double bed Queen cabins ( Good for 1 person per bed or 2 people per bed).

  • Four Twin bed cabins (Good for 1 person in each cabin).




HEALING Ceremonies

Arya Ma is an intuitive healer, spirit channel, sound weaver and ordained interfaith minister, dedicated to the service of the Divine Mother and all Her beings. She has had the great honor of crossing oceans to study with many teachers and initiates of various different earth-honoring and indigenous healing traditions and In the process she has learned about creating & holding a safe container, about ritual and ceremony as a life path and has fully developed her own healing energy that is sourced through AYNI....

The reciprocated, living energy of the entire universe flowing ad infinitum connecting her deeply to Her own sacred blueprint. Today she facilitates & empowers others to walk their own sacred path on this journey of self discovery and expansion. Arya Ma is a natural healer with the ability to act as a strong conduit for universal healing energy that she transfers through healing touch, sacred sound, divine channeling and energy transmission/activation and cross-cultural ceremony work. She works with her intuitive gifts from a place that is grounded in LOVE, compassion, respect and integrity, always keeping emphasis on creating and maintaining a safe and strong container for deep work and healing to occur. She serves in humility, trusting always that this is her sacred mission here in this great ALL THAT IS!



Erin Conley

Erin is a yoga and meditation teacher who focuses on guiding her students through their own process of self-discovery. She strives to create a space of acceptance so that each student discovers physical and emotional freedom, while building strength and flexibility. Erin’s classes are energizing and exploratory. She encourages students to connect with their greatest potential and to discover ease through simplicity. She believes that yoga is not only a physical and spiritual practice, but a form of artistic expression. Erin studied Sadhana Yoga with The School Yoga Institute at a permaculture farm in the highlands of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. There, she learned the principles of the practice and received her 200-hour certification. Soon after, she completed her 500-hour teacher training at ISHTA Yoga in New York City in March 2013. In addition to yoga, Erin is a certified aromatherapist through the New York Institute of Aromatherapy.




Hikes, rivers, horse ridding and much more!!!

Villavicencio offers different beautiful hikes on top of la Cordillera oriental of the Colombian Andes. We have uncountable rivers - Meta-Llanos Orientales is international known for having the most beautiful river in the world Caño Cristales and Cerros de Mavecure, both of these places have access in different seasons, they are 1 hour flight from Villavicencio’s Airport, we recommend at least 1 week and a half on each location to enjoy everything, there are additional cost for accommodation, food and transportation but if time is limited we don’t have to go so far to enjoy what Villavicencio has to offer, driving distance rivers from Makú Project to bird watching, connection with indigenous tribe as the Uitoto from the Colombian Amazon and a visit to Nakuanü’s glamping and Nakua’s spectacular coffee plantation.




Nourishing food all based on the “slow food” principles- to honor local food, cultures and traditions with local chefs and cooks.




We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.